Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer

Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer

Mikaline 1000 Replacement Filter

Mikaline 1000 Replacement Filter Advantages:

  • advanced 8 layers filtration system
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • PH: 9.5, ORP:-450mv  
  • Directly connected faucet 
  • Filter life before replacement: 6-8 months 
  • removes all harmful chemicals, bacteria & fluoride 
  • remineralize your water with alkaline minerals
  • charges the water with negative hydrogen ions
  • creates refreshing great-testing water
  • get unlimited supply of antioxidants 
  • eliminate redundant greases in your body to keep fit
  • Increases circulation and blood oxygen levels
  • helps lower bad cholesterol
  • health supporting calcium, magnesium & potassium
  • No more plastic bottles lowering BPA Exposure
  • Benefits of Far Infrared
  • Color: Milk white
  • Certificates: SGS&FDA; SGS; WQA;NSF (KDF, Calgon carbon, 
  • Ion exchange resins are imported from USA
  •  Size: 36cm(high)*13cm (diameter)

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Mikalines 1000 Replacement Filter
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Alkaline Water Benefits?

How MIKALINE 1000 Replacement Filter Works?

water gos through 8 layers of filtration and energising media working synergistically.  

8. Neodymium Magnetic Field to stabilize the IONIC charge and reduced molecular size.

7. Centaur Catalytic Carbon and KDF to improve final taste and remove unwanted non beneficial trace elements. (NSF approved).

6. Trace Minerals and Far Infrared energise and soften the water with negative hydrogen ions.

5. Energizing Media creates antioxidants and reduces the size of water molecules thereby increasing hydration.

4. KDF and Magnesium in an activated carbon media removes heavy metals such as lead and mercury and creates free hydrogen.

3. Extra Centaur Catalytic Carbon reduces organic contaminants, colour, odour, taste, pesticides, THMs, chlorine and VOCs.

2. SGS approved Activated Media removes fluoride.

1. Ceramic Filter Membrane stops sediment, and bacteria over 0.2 micron in size.

Non-electricity, more environmental!

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