Homeopathic Weight Loss Complex 2.oz

Homeopathic Weight Loss Complex 2.oz

Blood Sugar Support 1.oz

• Excellent for blood sugar highs and lows

• Good for pancreas and enzyme support and balances insulin

• Supports liver in controlling blood sugar and good insulin receptor site and binding activity

• Enhances glandular, metabolism, nervous system, immunity, gall bladder and digestive functions

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Blood Sugar Support 1.oz

This formula is the most complete and dynamic blood sugar formula on the market today! Enhances pancreatic activity and a vast host of bodily functions. Contains DNA recombinant insulin and (non-human) whole pancreas extract to encourage the pancreas to operate properly. The pancreas creates enzymes vital to digestion and this formula enhances these functions. In order for your pancreas to operate correctly it needs a rich nutrient terrain which includes minerals, vitamins; amino acids; fatty acids; lecithin, herbs, and glandulars etc. These ingredients are in safe potentized homeopathic form to encourage homeostasis or body balance all without side effects! Enjoy a better mood and more energy; better digestion; better weight control; stronger cardiovascular and brain performance with improved blood and nerve circulation along with a legion of other great benefits now!


Insulin DNA - 12x/ 30X/ 60X/ 100X/ 10000X, Chromium - 8X, Vanadium met. - 8X, Pancreas - 3X/ 6X/ 12X/ 30X/ 60X/ 100X, Zinc met. - 6X, Vitamin B6 - 6X/12X, 12 Essential Cell Minerals - 3X/ 6X/ 12X/ 30X, Adrenal - 3X/ 6X, Sucrose - 6X/1 2X, Ginsengs American/ Siberian/ Chinese/ Korean - 1X/ 3X/ 6X/ 12X, All B vitamins - 1X, All amino acids - 10X, DNA/RNA - 2X, Pancreatin - 6X, Procaine (GH-3 2 fused B vitamins) - 3X, Selenimum met. - 6X, Magnesium phos - 3X/ 6X/ 12X, Tryptophan - 6X, All fatty acids - 6X, Lecithin - 3X, Pantothenic acid - 6X, Ascorbic acid - 1X/ 3X/ 6X, Vitamin A - 6X, Vitamin E complex - 6X, Apple Cider vinegar - 1X/3X, I GF-1 9X/ 12X/ 30X/ 60X/ 100X, Purified water, Alcohol USP 20%, Glycerin USP 8%

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